5 comments on “Hoops of Fire

  1. Good post. I must agree with you that there
    is the feeling of change in the air–a fall that
    proceeds from summer in the passing of a time
    and the immediacy of events as they become history.
    (or the baton is passed)

    Mark’s compassion for their story was great and
    I hope appreciated by all.

    Your comment below in Flight To New Reason: “Many
    greater people than I have tried before and failed…”
    shows the need for ‘evolution rather than revolution.’
    That is to say, many of us in our own small way can
    keep repeating the lessons and trying to live the lessons
    and ‘critical mass-in-time’ may turn what a hoped for
    paradigm-quake never does.

    Happy traveling, mate.

  2. Thanks for introducing yourself Mel, and thanks for the comments.

    You are the first person ever to comment on the “Flight to New Reason” footnote. I agree with your “something in the air” view, a critical mass, but comprising individual contributions to evolution none-the-less. I have another view about the timescales of these human evo-revolutions … they always take two or three generations to actually happen, however (So-called Kondratiev waves, in industrial technology and economics, but evolving human psychology really.)

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