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  1. It’s interesting to consider how upset people get over real estate. It’s the ultimate static entity. But Gorby negotiated the borders with the breakup of the USSR in 1991 and he should have kept ahold of the Crimea then. Now you just know it’s going to upset some people. But if I remember correctly, Ukraine at that time retained a substantial nuclear arsenal so it must have been that nobody envisioned a real break-off between Russia and Ukraine.

  2. Yeah, absolutely.

    Ironic now, all the jibes about “unconstitutional” action by the Crimea “parliament” (whatever that is) when it was the whim of one non-elected leader that made Crimea (and its un-consulted sitting population) part of Ukraine in the first place.

  3. “Russian waters”! Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine have jurisdiction in the Black Sea. Russia does have a lease on a naval base in the Crimea, but that does make the waters around the Crimea “Russian waters”.

  4. Craig, yeah Russian rights, but I didn’t say exclusive – I was thinking pimarily of Asov Sea portion, but any seas have rules on local rights, obviously.

  5. And BTW folks, whatever your own emotional reaction to the Crimean situation, please note what I actually said. Simply “Turn down the rhetoric, please.”

    Crimea is a mess from last 100 years history from many perspectives, Russian and Tatar. The fact that Ukraine has ANY rights there is just one incidental twist in a much deeper mess. Wielding high-handed “national sovereignty” rights is a big stick either way, when what is really needed is a negotiated solution from all parties, including Tatar. There is no turning the clocks back however.

  6. SHOULD HAVE BEEN: but that does NOT make the waters around the Crimea “Russian waters”.

  7. Psyberton: “I was thinking pimarily of Asov Sea portion”. But Crimea isn’t so much into the Asov Sea as creating it. As for Tatars, all I know about them is from Sponge Bob Square Pants and the sauce for crabby patties.

  8. Well then, you should be very careful holding ANY opinions about the rights and wrongs of Crimea.

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