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  1. I can remember being fascinated by her BBC programme “My Father, the Bomb and Me” a few years ago. In Googling to find the title I came across this:


    It is the full version of his interview with Parkinson. I’ve only watched the first few minutes so far (I need to get back to work!). I found Parkie’s opening questions a little cringe-making but Bronowski’s responses were excellent and maybe as an opening/ice-breaker gambit they were OK. I could easily have watched the full hour (and will tonight).

  2. Yes, I rewatched the Parkinson interview yesterday before the lecture – some very thoughtful and emotional pauses – that were talked about afterwards last night. And of course “My Father, The Bomb and Me” got a few mentions.

    Can’t wait for the book.

  3. When she did “My Father, the Bomb and Me” it was based on what she believed from knowing him and their (amazing list of) family friends. Now of course she has access to the (redacted) MI5 files.

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