2 comments on “Riff on Gaza

  1. Very well put. Not much I would quibble with here. I did read the Eno piece earlier today and found the part about the Jerusalem anti-Palestinian vitriolic racism particularly hard to take. Assuming it is true I find it staggering and wonder why it is not more widely recognised (there are still some relatively unbiased news outlets left in the world).

    Looking at the other side of the wall, I heard a speech (rant?) from the Hamas leader a few days ago where he as good as said “I’ll fight to the last drop of my people’s blood” while all the time hiding amongst his people. I know he/they were voted in but did the voters really understand what they were voting for? I must look up the numbers to find out what proportion voted for him/them.

  2. As I understand it Hamas only marginally beat Fatah, and of course the Palestinian constituency is spread over Gaza and West-Bank territories (all much smaller than were offered to PLO many years ago, incidentally). Regionally they agreed secular power sharing with Fatah, but then by military coup Hamas took total Islamist control in Gaza.

    (One item of good news is the that Dr Hanan Ashrawi is still active as PLO spokesperson I see.)

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