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  1. Interesting round up. I may give a perspective as an attendee later. Small correction, the chair of the Dawkins interview was the journalist Samira Ahmed who did a superb job. Dawkins is not an easy interviewee! Namazie made a statement about Islamism rather than ask a question, and tore up an IS flag. She’d have made a terrible interviewer. Regards – @cheeseslices

  2. The BHA is your organisation as much as it is mine, so if you feel it’s drifting too much one way or another you should tell it directly. But since Humanists are such a varied bunch, you shouldn’t whine if you don’t always get your own way. Campaigns for equality and secularism are important, and characterising the BHA as anti-religious on account of them is Christine Odone territory. Having said that, many Humanists are anti-religious for good reason, and they should be accommodated as equal partners, not sniffed at.

    So of course you should’ve been there. It sounds like you bit off your nose to spite your face. The theme, which was decided upon many months ago, was important, and criticising it because of its supposed lack of relevance to current events is silly.

  3. Sure I should have been there, I was disappointed I wasn’t, that’s why I opened the post the way I did, so I wasn’t hiding anything. Not “whining” – just having my considered say. If you’re just referring to my comments on the chosen theme, that is history as you say, I was just being honest where I was coming from when starting following the twitter weekend. I had in fact corresponded about it with BHA itself before the weekend. In the end that actual agenda held my attention all weekend, which I hope was clear. A point in itself – I started sceptical / anti and ended up singing their praises.

    Glad to hear your words about BHA as “our” organisation – certainly what I say about “BHA” is referring to their formal voices, their leadership which is unfailingly on the “anti” bandwagons, but sure I am aware of fellow travellers with more balanced views. Be great to dialogue constructively on specific topics, as I try to do in plenty of other correspondence, with BHA and many others. Particularly be interested in evidence of where BHA (the organisation’s voice) is not specifically anti-religious – something to build on. (Did you see my response to Brown’s Guardian piece?)

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