2 comments on “Humanist Religious Toxin

  1. Pity no-one took the trouble to look up the history of the Sheldonian. It was financed by an Archbishop precisely because he wanted a separate, non-religious building in which university ceremonies could be conducted, instead of doing them in the university church. The design is based on a 1st century BC Roman theatre, not a church. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheldonian_Theatre

    It is owned by the University of Oxford, not the Church of England.

  2. Ownership by the University as an institution not in doubt, as I say.

    I did read that page and others in fact. I saw the separation as a two way thing, as much to avoid hosting secular “rowdy crowd” events in his church. Its funding and heritage came from the archbishop and it does contain symbols and features associated with the church. The point was more one of cultural heritage and appearance.

    I’m cool with it. My point is about the style of response – “Pity no-one took the trouble … ” disrepectful rhetoric and direct denial (of the original tweeters points) that cuts off any dialogue with religious heritage.

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