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  3. Thank you for this positive blog. I do also am quite convinced by Paul Mason’s analysis and recommened direction to towards a Meta-Capitalist future, in his book. The problem is however that most comments on it have shown either to be from minds stuck in the past (left versus right) (Labour vs Tory rethoric) (marxist State vs neo-liberal Market); or fail to understand the present.
    About the past: My Trias Internetica model may help (I am sure you can Google that) There are not 2 but three poles in that. It means that policy should be a mixture of issues that belong in one of these corners: State, Market and Civil Society. My guess is that pres Macron has done that: sort issues into the corners where they belong.
    About the future: I am very impressed by the vision expressed in Ann-Marie Slaughter’s book The Chess Board and the Web (see my blog about that – TheConnectivist). We are and will live in an complex world where value and meaning are expressed in links and network RELATIONS for cooperation. Unfortunately politicians and generals still think in terms of simple moves on area’s of a chessboard. And what is worse: try to simplify the world by force and lethal wars to fit on their chessboard model.

  4. Thanks Jaap.
    (I was hoping you’d acknowledge this Magic Money Tree post, http://www.psybertron.org/archives/10901 which is what linked to the PostCapitalism post)

    However many elements our model of life, 3 or 30, it’s the connectivism that’s important. I probably differ from you in what we mean by “open”. It should be open in terms of standards, no technical barriers, but totally unmediated is a disaster – a disaster we call “fake news” these days. (My whole agenda is how we manage memes with free democracy, rather than tyrannical populism.)

    Interesting that you support losing the left-right bias in everything. In recent tweets where I’ve disagreed with you, you simply seem to be sharing the “Corbynista” propaganda. (I’m a Labour voter and a social-democrat, but Corbynism stinks, politically, see Paul Mason in post linked above.)

    Slaughter’s “Chessboard” I like the sound of – it sounds exactly like Hofstadter’s “Tabletop” – the “theater of operations” for all future moves. The point is even with simple choices of moves, immensely creative and complex things evolve. The problem is managing the evolution so the “good” things evolve, not degenerate things (like Corbynism). Ultimately governance (cybernetics) must involve “force” – but either way we need intelligent control inputs. Total free for all is degenerate anarchy.

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