Hey, we’ve got Murdoch worried ?

Open Sauce Live is a marketing blog to which Johnnie Moore contributes. Some interesting quotes on the front page …

Rupert Murdoch “What I worry about much more is News Corps ability to make the necessary cultural changes to meet the new demands of the digital native.”

The Economist “The less control a company has over its marketing message, the greater its credibility.” This latter is an example of the rational plans achieving the opposite of their intent. Which begs questions about whether any cynical deception / game theory strategies could ever counter it ?

Another quote, not really related to my agenda, just Joe Public amateur interest – “the challenge is not awareness, it’s engagement” Slick marketing may attract attention and entertain, and sow brand awareness and linked associations, but does it ever do anything at all to make a potential customer believe in (buy into) the product. The awareness is of the brand marketing values, not the product qualities, and as a human, you can tell the difference.

Time to Market, Einstein

A review by Josh McHugh in Wired of a paper by Peter Lynds “Time and Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Indeterminacy vs. Continuity”. [via Leon] Really is just a review. Wheeler gets a namecheck, Everett doesn’t, Hawking is dismissed as “off”, but David Deutsch is the “godfather”. Typical Wired racey overview. Ominous news is “Lynds has a literary agent, Heide Lange, who also represents Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code. That’s the kind of firepower that practically assures publication – and serious marketing” … whatever the quailty … “Lynds can be Dan Brown to Hawking’s Umberto Eco”. In the review, the jury is out on the multiverse – but the conclusion is the current one – time doesn’t flow anywhere, it’s just a sequence (network?) of events.

(Review also mentions different cultural views of time flowing forwards or backwards, from or to the future, etc, treated at length by many writers, Pirsig included. Social anthropology or evolutionary psychology, again.)

What is Authoritative ?

Spotted somewhere earlier, and made a mental note but failed to link to [Piers at Monkey Magic – thanks] an article on the etymology of author and authority. Anyway noticed a post from Johnnie Moore remarking that we no longer look for any “authority” independent of our own view of a source.

I see he is facilitating / presenting at “Blogging – A Real Conversation” over at Knowledge for the Digital Economy.

Is Art Worth Anything ?

Review in the Times by David Lodge of “What Good Are The Arts” by a certain John Carey, brought to notice by Platt over on MoQ-Discuss.

If the only tool you are prepared to use is Occam’s Razor (or Aristotle’s “analytic machete”), then you can hardly conlude anything other than art is worthless – fortunately the alternative conclusion is the knife of objective analysis is too blunt an instrument to explain anything of value anyway. (See previous blog on quality computer programming.)

[HT – Preston & West Ham remain goalless, North End getting on top after Hammers early domination.]

Computer Science = Applied Cognitive Psychology

Just one on many interesting remarks in the blog from Grumpy Old Programmer [link from Leon by e-mail]. I can’t argue – everything is evolutionary psychlogy – is a recurring mantra.

Don’t know who GOP is / are, but I sympathise with the general thrust – objective quantification misses anything worthwhile by a mile – “vain attempts to de-skill” – architecture is more important than perfection in design.