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As a result of a legacy of blogs going back four years, migrated most recently from Blogger to WordPress, my permalinks are a bit of a mess.

In the WordPress set up I simply defaulted the permalink style – an index number for individual posts and a month-year format for each archive page. That has worked great except for a significant proportion of my earlier Blogger posts, where I put the source link in the header, rather than in the body text or a separate RSS tagged link field. For those posts my permalinks no longer contain links to the post itself, but rather to the referenced source piece, which is darned fustrating.

Doesn’t seem to phase Google in the slightest though. I noticed that within two days of migrating to WordPress – same home page URL, but without any index.html and every individual post and archive re-named with a new URL, Google could hit any of my content instantly. I’m constantly amazed – even when I seem to have found a hole in the indexing, it always seems to be my memory (or spelling at the time of posting, playing tricks.) Seems Google can only index what I posted, not what I actually meant to post. Never fails to impress though.

Full text appears invariably better than imperfect structure. Weird.

[Less than 15 minutes to the play-off final KO. Come on Preston.]

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