Michael Zargham on Cybernetic Infrastructure

A quickie to capture this link: Very impressed watching this recorded Web3 Foundation talk by Michael Zargham. He’s a name I came across from making contact with the “Active Inference Lab”. I already know Anatoly Levenchuck and Karl Friston on the AIL Advisory Board and discovered that Zargham is another board member. (I’m intending to … Continue reading “Michael Zargham on Cybernetic Infrastructure”

Come the Revolution

Regular commenter AJOwens (“Staggering Implications“) posted a very astute thought below my post on John C Doyle and Zombie Science. Whether we see problems with “current” science as a bug or a virus, or simply the current state of ever-contingent, imperfect science, the switch to a new dominant view within science is of course exactly … Continue reading “Come the Revolution”

More on Fundamental Information & Computation

An information-and-computation-based metaphysics is fundamental to several recent sources (as well as my own metaphysics) – even if the specialist scientific researchers often don’t concern themselves with metaphysical aspects of ontology. Most recently John C Doyle and Mark Solms for example – information and its processes are simply taken as more fundamental than any other … Continue reading “More on Fundamental Information & Computation”

Scientists Will Hate This

I mentioned John C Doyle as a candidate for a new real-life (living) “hero” in my research quest here in 2019 and again here in 2021. I say “new” hero because my long term hero has been Dan Dennett. Of course since then, both Iain McGilchrist and Mark Solms have taken up a good deal … Continue reading “Scientists Will Hate This”

The Emperor’s New Markov-Blankets?

I mentioned in my review of Anatoly Levenchuk’s “Systems Thinking 2020” having some subsequent dialogue about common ground in other areas of the Psybertron agenda. A significant overlap is the work of Karl Friston (Free Energy Principle / Markov Blankets / Emergent Organism / Active Inference) in my reading of Mark Solms, and in Levenchuk’s … Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Markov-Blankets?”

“Definition as a Coffin” – Cybernetics to Systems Thinking

Definition as a Coffin? “Hold your definition” is a plea by philosopher Daniel Dennett, often cited here on Psybertron, when dealing patiently with his scientific friends. Any discourse that starts with apparently clear definitions, manipulated solely by logic, is inherently limited by the fit between the history of those definitions and future of reality. At … Continue reading ““Definition as a Coffin” – Cybernetics to Systems Thinking”

The Hidden Spring – Round-Up

The night before last, I completed Mark Solms (2021) “The Hidden Spring – A Journey to the Source of Consciousness“. ===== The Preamble / Previously on Psybertron April 2021 – I first mentioned receiving The Hidden Spring, but maybe not having enough bandwidth to read it. It didn’t stop me recommending it on the strength … Continue reading “The Hidden Spring – Round-Up”

Before Returning to the Cortex

Just completed Chapters 7, 8 & 9 of the Hidden Spring, having been looking forward to 7 when I finished 6, here. Wow, this is good stuff from Solms. The contents / subjects … Free Energy Principle – Homeostasis, “self-evidencing” in self-organising systems, statistical thermodynamics, entropy and information, efficiency. Markov-blankets between self-organised layers, two-way / … Continue reading “Before Returning to the Cortex”

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