Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game – [Work-in-Progress]

Introduction One way or another computers are ubiquitous in 21st century life. Everything has a chip in it, every device has some programming interface, – every game (or even every motor car it seems) has a “cheat” code, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is soon upon us. The pace of growth and change is mind-boggling, … Continue reading “Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game – [Work-in-Progress]”

Success = Redundancy

I have an adage that no-one ever seems to buy, that aiming to make oneself redundant is a primary driver (for me and quite a few people I know, at least). If something takes effort to explain and sell, implement and extract value, then there is work for consultants, sure, but boy it becomes boring … Continue reading “Success = Redundancy”

Updating David Deutsch

In preparation for writing some synthesis of Davids Deutsch and Chalmers’ work, I was updating my earliest links to quantum information (Deutsch and Josephson), and see that Deutsch’s QuBit Centre for Quantum Computation home page is now a Blog. Intriguing, after my summary of Deutsch’s four main threads in the Fabric of Reality as * … Continue reading “Updating David Deutsch”

Four Threads Unify Reality

I said in the previous post that I owed David Deutsch’s “Fabric of Reality” a thorough review – well in my usual style I won’t have time for that, but I can now precis my impression of his main messages, having just finished reading it over dinner. Excuse some repetition with the couple of other … Continue reading “Four Threads Unify Reality”

My Brief History of Zen

My Brief History of Zen. It’s barely a year since I first even thought of reading ZMM – seems like a lifetime. Here is my first ever blogged reference, with no link to anything !!! My thought process in the preceeding weeks was chaos / catastrophe / fuzzy / uncertainty / quanta / quantum-computing / … Continue reading “My Brief History of Zen”

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