Sieving Electrons – Classification with Emergent Patterns

Sieving Electrons ?
Classification, literally meaning fitering by pass / no-pass screening or sieving.
Even Pirsig (Lila) talks about classification in a strictly (classical) binary fashion, when a thought struck me. There is surely some parallel between emergent “quantum computing” QuBits being non-binary / dualist, and the wave / particle duality experienced when “sieving” (classifying) electrons through a diffraction slit. Non-binary Classification could be a key concept, or is it just a linguistic coincidence. You may have heard it here first ?

One of a million (well probably more like 200) thoughts fired-off whilst reading about 50 pages of Lila last night, before running into an unexpected quantity of sake at Magdelen. (At this rate I’ll have about 4 pages of notes per page of Lila, and it should take about 2 months just to read it – I may as well re-write the book in my own words – but could it be any improvement on the awesome original – could it really be even better than ZMM ? – beginning to look that way.)

Another thought.
Many a true word, spoken in jest – discuss.
Hardly surprising, in a world which is rationally pre-conditioned and politically correct, you cannot “seriously” say what really needs to be communicated, so you resort to black humour or say nothing. No wonder rhetoric, metaphor and the novel are important vehicles of communication. (And court jesters no doubt – research)

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