It’s in the numbers ?

Well maybe not. I picked-up on this paper on the “Technosophy” site of Terry Alden’s, because of a search hit on the 22 in my Catch-22, only to find a whole culture of synchronicity around the number 22 (and 23 ?). Anyway, some of it is probably too mystic and new age, but the particular … Continue reading “It’s in the numbers ?”

Amazing Brain

Still reading Austin, [here below], [and here], [and again], [and earlier], [and originally], and finding new items all the time. More apparent how he is linking deliberately learned meditative states with other altered brain states achieved by other physical and chemical abnormalities. Two amazing items in one. Looking at the classic view of left- and … Continue reading “Amazing Brain”

Quirks Emerge Beyond Our Quarks

Dr Austin again. “Sperry takes over where William James left off. Neurosciences have rejected reductionism and mechanistic determinism on the one hand, and dualisms on the other…. higher level interactions [of the] brain are presumed to be reducible [only in principle] in terms of fundamental physics. How does it help us to know about quarks, … Continue reading “Quirks Emerge Beyond Our Quarks”

Brain / Mind as a Complex System

Brian Josephson presented this paper at this conference earlier this year [Abstracts]. Also this paper suggesting a model of the brain not as a computer so much as an object oriented programming architecture. (BTW great documemntation and bibliography / references links with the way these papers are presented on the web by “Cogprints“.)

Tucson 2004 – Science of Consciousness

How did I miss this ? The 2004 Science of Consciousness, Tucson conference at the University of Arizona is this coming week ! That’s what happens when you’re too busy with your day job. Pinker, Dennett and Blackmore as keynote speakers. (No Stapp or Josephson this year, which is a pity, but probably an indication … Continue reading “Tucson 2004 – Science of Consciousness”

The Tao of Physics

1976 book by Frijtof Capra (with 1992 updated afterword). Written slightly after, but published slightly before, Michael Talbot’s Mysticism and the New Physics (Blogged earlier and originally read even earlier.) Excellent books both of them. Capra is a best-seller which has a surprisingly detailed description of state-of-the-art particle physics, together with a summary of the … Continue reading “The Tao of Physics”

Re-reading Michael Talbot

Re-reading Michael Talbot – (Can’t believe it’s 3 weeks since I last posted – been so busy with the day job recently – anyway ….) I’ve re-read Michael Talbot’s “Mysticism and the New Physics” in the last few days – it’s only 130 pages plus afterwords. This was the first book I read that explicitly … Continue reading “Re-reading Michael Talbot”

My Brief History of Zen

My Brief History of Zen. It’s barely a year since I first even thought of reading ZMM – seems like a lifetime. Here is my first ever blogged reference, with no link to anything !!! My thought process in the preceeding weeks was chaos / catastrophe / fuzzy / uncertainty / quanta / quantum-computing / … Continue reading “My Brief History of Zen”

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