It’s in the numbers ?

Well maybe not. I picked-up on this paper on the “Technosophy” site of Terry Alden’s, because of a search hit on the 22 in my Catch-22, only to find a whole culture of synchronicity around the number 22 (and 23 ?). Anyway, some of it is probably too mystic and new age, but the particular paper linked has a neat folksy expose of first principles philosophy and its relevance to information, evolution and technology (McLuhan’s “Medium”), and in a religious context too. (Dualism of bio-info-mental technology and external technology too.)

Also has an essay called “Occam’s Electric Shaver” – though I can only find an outline, not the text ? Anyway, a neat turn of phrase and a neat concept – warning that complexity is a valid part of any world description, despite Occam’s original adage.

Following-up Alden, I see a crossover with Digital Falcon (in the side-bar), and links leading ever deeper into “occult” areas – aliens & reptiles etc – common references to the works of Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary and Christopher Hyatt to name a few. Read with caution, but even this Reptilian Agenda (full of politically motivated paranoia) is built on germs of reality – the evolved brain having distinct animal (reptilian) lower stem, social (limbic) mid-brain and intellectual (cortex) higher brain motivations – this is Jung, Maslow, Pirsig, etc al.

Feel a bit like Josephson again and his paranormal interests. This stuff may well contain an overwhelming dose of bad science, and doubtful motives, but that shouldn’t make it taboo to study with an open mind. (The Nobel Prize-winning Josephson is campaigning against bad science used to refute paranormal phenomena, which expose prejudice in science itself – scientific propaganda in fact.)

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