What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger

Two posts [initial reaction] & [on reflection] from Hydragenic via [qB @ Frizzy].

Without the BBC here in China, it has seemed eerily distant since last Thursday. Can hardly believe I’m saying it, but it makes you proud to be British.

[Ewan (B) forwarded this link too … We’reNotAfraid.]
[And what’s more, I got this photo onto their site too. “Ian G Australia“]

[Like this one too from Anonymous via Euan (S), via Suw (C). PS like the “stalker gen” idea on Suw’s site :-). Brilliant comment thread too, with additional images.]

Another “post-note” this time via Dave Pollard, the New Yorker story by Adam Gopnik contrasting 9/11 with 7/7 in terms of popular response and public debate.

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