Shanghai Shipping

The PuDong Shangri La hotel here in Shanghai affords an amazing view of the HuangPu river. The traffic on it indicates the mind-boggling scale of local economic activity.

The myriads of barges and lighters incessantly ploughing up and down, neck and neck, six “lanes” overtaking in each direction, with their loads of coal, aggregates and god knows what, loaded to the gunnels, wash breaking over their prows, are scary enough. The ferries chancing their luck to make the river crossings by weaving through the traffic, are given no obvious quarter. Only the massive cargo freighters, tankers, container ships, heavy lift cranes and barges, and submarines (!) with their official-looking tugs and pilot boats, receive a wider berth.

Amazing stuff, but the seemingly ever present smog, makes any photographic record a pretty murky prospect.

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