The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of

Used this quote recently (at the MoQ Conference), and admitted I couldn’t recall it’s source.

No, not Shakespeare dummy – it’s a deliberate play on the Tempest quote.

Best documented web source is Thomas Disch, who used this as the title of his book about how Sci-Fi “conquered” the world.

I first saw the phrase as a signature line on some mail discussion forum, and it is frequently referred to as a quote by “a” physicist, alluding to the fact that quantum physical reality is 99.9999% vacuum. The only attribution I can find is David Moser (?)

[BTW – “Science Fiction” – I like the ambiguity, the fiction that is science.]

3 thoughts on “The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of”

  1. Hello,
    Just confirming that it WAS David Moser who said it. At least that is what a recent book i read said.

    that’s all

    PS: btw the book itself is called “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzwell

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