Teal & the Spiral Model

Been picking-up links and hits on the blog that had me confused until today. Firstly several Spiral Model hits – presumably from Ken Wilber’s “Intergal” AQAL metaphysical ontology (dervived from Graves, Beck & Cohen) – then several colours including TEAL which at first I suspected to be another acronym, but then realised Teal just another Wilber colour in the spiral layers. And now I realise there’s a whole management school spinning out of Frederick Laloux’s “Reinventing Organisations” which presumably takes Wilber’s evolutionary model of organisation. Something I’ve thought dismissively about myself in the past but focussed more on Maslow and Pirsig’s MoQ layered model with Hofstadter’s loopiness.

Just a few holding links for the moment.

Argumentum ad Wilberiam: How truthiness and
overgeneralization threaten to turn integral theory into a new

So what’s this “Teal” organisations thing?

A critique of the ‘subtle hierarchism’ of the Teal Organizations concept in the book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ – originally hat-tip to Jaap van Till I believe, bringing @paulmasonnews into the conversation. A link to “Peer-to-Peer” organisation. Like so much management-speak there’s plenty of jargon and dubious bullshit, but as in all such cases there’s probably some meta-sense in there trying not to get reified by objective criticism?

The thing that really distracted me in reading these links was the Dupuy reference. The first comment in the critique above was by François Dupuy, sociologist picking up on missing “social systems” view aspects (of the book & review?) and my own extraction from a pure-science stance on systems engineering (cybernetics) came from Jean-Pierre Dupuy’s “Mechanisation of the Mind”. Checking if any relation.

Something to follow-up.

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