Catholic Taste or Damascene Conversion in Cultural Appropriation?

This one’s a keeper for a little unpicking later, but worth listening right through.
(BBC World Service – Outlook 10 min documentary piece from Sao Paolo by Gibby Sobel on Gisele Marie Rocha.)

The language of music. Love the way the tone of the conversation (through a translator) changes from the point 1/3 way through where she belts out her first riff.

“I never have any problem with the neighbours.”

Catholic woman in a catholic culture, classically educated in a musical family converts to Islam – full black niqab and chador – never having met a Muslim, after having taken up heavy-metal, on hearing Black Sabbath and adopting black goth dress fashion. The mind boggles.

Could take a very cynical view as a marketing PR publicity stunt, but doesn’t come across that way. Cultural appropriation anyone?

(Closes on a fine riff too, if you’re into heavy rock.)

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