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Browsing Ray Girvan’s Apothecary’s Drawer – Wave Related – fairly slow blog rate due to his “estivation” (summer equivalent of hibernation mainly in cold blooded creatures) – attracted by the Mexican philosopher Manuel DeLanda.

[Quote] DeLanda is a contemporary Mexican philosopher with a strong interest in the scientific and cultural crossover: “topics as diverse as warfare, linguistics, economics, evolution, chaos theory, self-organizing matter, nonlinear dynamics, artificial life and intelligence, the internet and architecture, amongst many others” (including solitons). [Unquote]
[Annotated Bibliography] [Interview] & [DeLanda Destratified]

Then noticed his previous thread on one-off waves or bores, linking back to controversial boxing day tsunami pictures, and existing pictures of previous bores. (A hundred links to browse in that lot.)

The connectedness – non-periodic waves, strange loops etc and mexican anthroplogical backgrounds to Northrop and Pirsig et al. Clear as mud ?

Manuel DeLanda [Quote] If you read the essays by the first guy who saw spontaneously oscillating chemical reactions, you find out he was unable to publish his essays. This was in the 50’s, not long ago. The idea that orderly behavior could arise spontaneously from matter was so counter-intuitive.. At that time, the only two ways they could see stable things arising in nature was through rational perfection — the best possible outcome — or heat-death. What nonlinear science brings about is a complete new range of structurally stable forms of behavior, which has absolutely nothing to do with rationality or the heat-death of entropy. Now attractors are appearing all over the place. We’ve discovered a whole new reservoir of forms of stabilization. It’s a paradigm warp. [Unquote]

Scepticism is too powerful – “nothing to do with rationality” – scarily true.

Manuel DeLanda [Quote] As they say, they key word here is not wisdom, but caution. You don’t know what happens at bifurcations. You have absolutely no control. The smallest fluctuation can make things go wrong. The predictive power of humans and technology is nil near bifurcations. All you can do is approach carefully, because the last thing you want to do is get swallowed up by a chaotic attractor that’s too huge in phase space. As Deleuze says, “Always keep a piece of fresh land with you at all times.” Always keep a little spot where you can go back to sleep after a day of destratification. Always keep a small piece of territory, otherwise you’ll go nuts. [Unquote]

Dynamic Quality is lost without the latches of static quality.

Oh wow … DeLanda is lecturing ” .. about a shift of paradigm in the postmodern world – the old, analytic way is replaced by new, synthetic one .. ” A man after mine own. Someone to take a serious interest in methinks.

[Post Note – for Mitch – Australian Apostle collapses into the sea. Could it be a sign ? No, stop it, you’re getting silly.]

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