Leo Sayer Sings The Blues

Noticed one Leo Sayer was in town last Saturday; catchy though he was he was never my cuppa 70’s tea. Anyway, after his Saturday show at Perth’s Burswood, he and his band dropped into Blue to the Bone and jammed along with Lindsay Wells. Seems they are old buddies after Lindsay once helped him out on an earlier tour. Great sax addition to Lindsay’s usual three-piece sound, and Leo’s voice sounded good with a great sense of timing on some old blues & rock’n’roll standards, even if he had to gamely improvise for those where his recollection of the verses was absent. A good sport, posing and pausing for mobile phone snaps and autographs.

(Leo’s one of those artists whose name always reminds me of a song with his name in the lyric. Like “The Beatles and The Stones” always make me think of Mott the Hoople’s “All the Young Dudes”; Elvis and Sinatra, too many to mention. “I hope Neil Young will remember, Southern Man don’t need him around, anyhow” say Lynyrd Skynyrd, whereas “Tom Robinson, The Beatles, The Byrds and Leo Sayer” is the line spat out by Bill Nelson in Phantom Zone.)

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