Limits to Science?

Interesting find on Nautilus by Jorn Barger7 Major Experiments That Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For

Not digested the quality of the piece yet, but an important clue to the limits of science, to “complete” a “consistent” world-view.

[BTW Jorn – the original blogger – is typically sparse on Twitter, his Google+ remains on-line as does his blog spot RWAux project, even though its 4 years since he gave up tweeting as Robot Wisdom, and that original Robot Wisdom blogging project is long dead. Hundreds of dead links in my own blog. In the early days he was pretty ruthless with idiots on the web, just like Taleb, and I was assigned to his “kill file” in the days of bulletin boards and JISC mail exploders. Guess we’ve both matured ;-)]

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