Proud Parent 2

Younger son did 5 (five) a-level (UK high school) exams and got his results yesterday. Got 4 grade A’s and a B, and was only 4 marks in a few hundred away from an A in the B subject as well. Absolutely fantastic, the undoubted effort paid off.

However, the B was in the subject in which his conditional offer from his first choice university required the only A, and so he can’t have his place, no exceptions. Rather than accept his second choice yet, he’s requesting a re-mark in the B paper(s). Go for it. Fingers crossed for a couple more weeks.

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  1. Excellent results, a real shame about the B. As he is so close, a recount makes lots of sense particularly given all the storeis we’ve been hearing over the last year about dodgy marking. Has he been given any indication as to when he’ll get the result?

    Heard a rumour you’ll be dropping into Cambridge soon. Any time for a beer?


  2. Hi Ian,

    He’s accepted the Edinburgh place in the meantime. The re-marking can take up to a month, even “priority”, so it will be almost the start of term before we have any news on the Biology A for Durham.

    Really ticked off that Durham were so strict on the one grade given how good overall, but hey.

    As far as coming to Cambridge – I had Thursday evening vaguely in mind (because I’m in Essex on Friday), but it seems Paul, Leon and Les were all away ? So I’m not sure I’ll be coming up now, whaddya think ?

  3. Hi Ian,

    I’d heard similar rumours about slow remarking. One, last year, took nearly three months to sort out what turned out to be a large error. Don’t know how typical that was. Edinburgh seems like a good place as an alternative. Neil McP has find memories. Christina is considering it now that the info she had about them withdrawing Physics turned out to be wrong.

    You’re right about Thursday – I’m just about the only one here and I’ll now be tied up for at least part, maybe all, of the evening “entertaining”. Maybe a rain check until we’ve a few more bodies around would be a good idea. Any idea when you’ll next be around here?

    If you do come up, give me a call and I’ll see if I can slip away.



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