MoQ Parody

Seems the Loggins paper at the MoQ Conference (and Loggins himself) was a hoax, a parody perpetrated by Glenn Bradford and Struan Hellier.

Damned by faint praise in my own report (fortunately), in fact the parody, in the paper itself and in Glenn’s description of the hoax, can only be seen as a valuable addition to MoQ debate, whatever Glenn and Struan’s motives. (The parody itself is based on the famous Sokal post modern quantum mechanics hoax.)

In fact the day of the “First MoQ Conference” was more a celebration and a social event than a conference at which the subject matter was debated – the papers were all “personal views”. The “positive vibes” all those got out of the day, need to be put to better organisation of what the MoQ does actually say, and the issues people have with it.

Oh well; Many a true word; Nothing new under the sun.

[Post Note – Jan 2006 – In the conference report linked above, I mentioned that the hoax and responses to it had created ill-feeling between those directly affected. Some relevant web-pages and forum correspondence have been removed from public view, some remain live. Any of my links to such live pages remain active. Beware therefore that the public record of the public and private responses to the hoax is incomplete and potentially misleading. If in my view the remaining links do mislead or are misused, I reserve the right to delete any and all such links from my pages..]

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