World Domination ?

Why would Google want to get into this messaging / telephony / VOIP space ?

I’m a big fan of Google as you know, but puzzled by Google’s recent round of financing – putting up more shares for sale, not just to finance development but also operating expenses the story read. So despite being the world’s largest media company, are they just one huge bubble ? Careful guys, we need you.

Their targetted, sponsored advertising in the low graphic search pages and even more so in the G-Mail pages are quite spectacular, spooky even, in how focussed they are, but I have to say they tend to say more to me about the people prepared to pay to promote their wares, than the value in the wares offered. With a lot of “philosophical” subject matter in my e-mails, it’s interesting to see how many paid ads there are out there for people SELLING “intelligent designer creationist” crap and the like.

3 thoughts on “World Domination ?”

  1. I think you miss my point Sam, I’m not complaining about the targetted advertising or looking for an alternative search engine, far from it. Can’t beat Google IMHO.

    I’m complaining about the calibre of idiot that seems to pay for the advertising. If I didn’t have the advertising, I would miss out on that aspect of the analysis.

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