Doyletics Again

Mentioned this “new science” web site once before (in connection with an Owen Barfield review). The net result is one of the whackier, crankier, sets of ideas for bringing the spiritual to bear over the classical objective scientific, and I can’t find much to identify with, except an enormous “Reader’s Journal” of books and other texts that Bobby Matherne has read and reviewed.

[Linked thanks to a search cross hit on my earlier post.
Love this Hoffenstein quote – very much from
the Wordsworth school of “Murder to Dissect”.]

Little by little we subtract,
Faith and fallacy from fact,
The illusory from the true,
And starve upon the residue.
– Hoffenstein, 1933

As well as popular science, Barfield, Herrigel, anything “Zen and the Art …” (except Pirsig) there are dozens of Rudolf Steiner (of Anthroposophy fame). Lots of good sources on the right lines.

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