Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

Thanks to Sam for this satirical alternative theory of the miracle that is creation. One of many thankfully; restores your faith in humanity. As Sam says, irony is essential. Absolutely.

It’s a well hit site, with endless fun to be had following all the many links in the comment thread. Some excellent, well-executed images – like this one.

5 thoughts on “Flying Spaghetti Monsterism”

  1. hey, I’ve been gone but for a reason. My mother has passed away and at my home and with my sister and me at her side.

    I am missing the blogging buddies I have found but somehow my head just isn’t here right now. just wanted you to know I haven’t completely forgotten.

  2. Hi Alice, so sorry to hear your news.

    I’ve had my head down for a couple of weeks (work / domestic related) and had to apologise for falling silent.

    I noticed the last few days that you weren’t around, and was thinking of e-mailing you directly to check you were OK, as a couple of people had done to me in fact. Real community, this blogosphere.

    Take the time you need, we’ll still be here, missing your thoughts.

    (Off to see my parents this weekend, as we take both boys away to University for the first time.)

  3. So an auspicious event for your family. Cheers! Since I remember you have been transfered back to the UK I will assume they are attending there. Hopefully they will not become just another university student(s) (I don’t quite know what I mean by that, but I’m sure I mean someting).
    I am dealing with death lately. Namely the death of my mother with whom I had a rather contentious relationship. Despite our differences, she agreed to spend her last days and breath her last breath in my home. I watched as her body gave itself up to the most basic of tasks…heart pumping with the accompanying lung expansion and respiration…long after her conscious mind had given up its role in it.
    I am left with an empty feeling about this life that we have been given to live and more than a few questions about whether it has any meaning beyond that simple function of reproduction of genes.
    You told me upon our very first interchange that life is the cutting edge and that is where the the action is. Of course questions about the ego and the individual remain unanswered.

  4. I should have been an English teacher. I wish I could edit what I wrote because it should have read “breathe her last breath”

    It really doen’t matter I know, but to me it does.

  5. Alice, I find mis-spellings can be creative.

    I this case, a virtual comma after each occurrence of breath … emphasises that she “spent” her last breath with you.

    Anyway, where’s your head now ? You OK ? (Had you actually completed your house move before this happened ?)

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