Who Needs Funghi …

… When you can achieve altered states of consciousness by dialogue alone ? Interesting report by Julian Elve [Synesthesia] of an “out of comfort zone” event hosted by Johnnie Moore and others using “Dialogue”. That’s right you heard, dialogue.

Interestingly, Johnnie’s review refers to critics of the book (by Ellinor and Gerard) kinda complaining that it’s just market exploitation of something that’s part of everyday life – I also like Johnnie’s highlighting the paradox of simplicity vs complexity too.

Anyway simple or complicated, novel or old-hat, Julian reports that the conversation does indeed appear to take on a “life of its own” even becoming trance-like. Count me in guys, if another experimental opportunity arises.

Whilst we’re here … a couple of other good posts from Johnnie.

The paradox of silence in forum style communications – I agree with the dynamic value of the uncertainty generated, but at the same time am frequently frustrated by those silences that actually mean complete agreement. In a couple of other discussion forums I’ve been advocating “me too” posts occasionally, contrary to received netiquette wisdom – the alternative can seem like shouting into the void. Silence is golden but on the other hand you can have too much of a good thing.

Relationships before content (ideas) is one of Johnnie’s mantras he says. I know what he means. Actually it’s another of those paradoxical pairs – you can’t really have one before the other either way – what’s really needed is strange loopy “co-evolution”.

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