Extended Evolutionary Synthesis @EES_update

I find myself bookmarking or retweeting almost everything from EES because their agenda seems to coincide with so much of the thinking I’ve been doing here on Psybertron for the past 15 years and for a decade or more before that.

Falling into that recurring trap of having so many things bookmarked – deserving of deeper reading and consideration – but which inevitably postpones the necessary reading and writing.

This is no different. I don’t know much about “who” EES are, all I know being from the content of their site. When it comes to “isms” I’m one for “good fences make good neighbours” rather than hard dividing lines, so I’m not overly concerned with exactly which thinking is merely the “modern synthesis” and which is properly the “extended synthesis” when it comes to actual understanding of evolutionary processes and possibilities. The distinction to me feels a little like my own self-labelling as PoPoMo to distance from prejudice about PoMo, whilst nevertheless seeing latest credible thinking as building constructively – synthesising – on what has gone before.

More reading to be done!


[Post Note (29 Oct 2017): I find many of my interactive sources are connected to EES – or are now – so I probably need to do an update to all the points of contact with my own agenda. Several – many – posts and tweets in that past couple of months seems t be overlapping and converging here. More reading indeed!]

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