Turing’s Castle

Freeman Dyson used the title to describe Google on a recent visit, which he wrote about here at The Edge. [A “must read” says Mark Federman]

Edge editor John Brockman says

Some sincerely believe we are entering a golden age of wonder and Google is leading the way. And I am pleased to add from personal experience that the leading players, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are fine individuals: very serious, highly intelligent, principled. They don’t come any better. Still, others believe there are reasons for legitimate fear of a (very near) future world in which the world’s knowledge is privatized by one corporation. This could be a problem, a very big problem.

The same concern I expressed a few posts ago, despite also being a big supporter of Google, about the content becoming the commercial pawn in competition between the big players.

Anyway, an interesting piece by Dyson. I must keep a more regular eye on The Edge.

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