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  1. Way back when “Yahoo! Search” seemed god-sent, along came “Google” and I felt I’d found God itself. I have one question, tho, what is a “peering point” or whatever “x” called it–where a smaller ISP connects with the backbone. Does the Internet still have a backbone? Soon Google will have us drowning in the information soup. Oh well, “Google Analytics” will explain it all …

  2. Hi Georganna,

    I don’t know in detail, but I’m imagining that each major administrative area (like a country) still has a main hub or two, which are connected by big “pipes” to provide the backbone. My understanding is that the idea here is that at these nodes, there is not simply marshalling and routing of addresses and communications, but cacheing of major proportions of content too – reducing latency.

    A yes, Google Analytics – I noticed you mentioned that before, must take a look.

  3. I know only of the plethora of name servers that convert text URLs to their “real” numerical address and route email packets and web calls on their way. I don’t know about any content cacheing going on–I thought that it what X says Google will do … anyway, my Google Analytics account is now functioning, and it’s a marvel, telling me in every way possible (and in Flash graphics) that no one clicks on the AdSense ads my blog carries. I have mixed emotions about that … I’m getting really tired, though, of being punished for being an early adopter by companies rushing to market and then being unable to handle the load when customers pour in. Google did it with Google Base, too, although this could be just a great PR ploy. It works! When I first posted about Google Analytics, my weekly visitor rate tripled in one day. Of course, they were like me, searching for info and all I had was the same question, so they all stayed 00.00 seconds and probably went away disgruntled.

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