Coulter / Trump / May / BBC

Important point of content that we mustn’t lose, despite despicable fake-news communications. Wreckless (public) communications from one state leader cutting across local politics of another – emphasising / stoking hatred of difference, when what we’re (all) trying to do is resolve and reduce it. The kind of hatred that gets those killed who are working hardest to resolve it for us.

In this shouting-match “immigrant” clearly means those of recent (few generations) immigration still subscribing to original ethnic and/or religious cultural values. The (real) elephant in the room being shared values in a secular state – the net accumulation and integration of all past population movements and evolutions. Integrated, not “multi” cultural.

The problem with focussing on the immigration rather than “alien values” is it leads to walls and barriers more alienation and more hatred, terrorism and death. The guy is a fuckwit.

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