Anthropic String Theory and IDC

Interview and review in New Scientist with Leonard Susskind, author of “Cosmic Landscape – string theory and the illusion of intelligent design”. Linking string theory, the cosmological constant, the anthropic principle, the multiverse, and the plausibility for an intelligent design creationist conclusion to explain the conditions that support intelligent life. [via Jorn]

2 thoughts on “Anthropic String Theory and IDC”

  1. I commented on this as “Guest”… which was an unintentional screw-up, since most of the responding physicists know exactly who I am from the jist of my point:

    Lenny thinks that “the appearance of design is undeniable”… but he’s confident that he can deny this implied significance in the alleged “multiverse”.

    So what happens to that significance without a multiverse to lose it in?

    Notice that Lenny is confident that they can still manage to find a way to rationalize their way around that.

    Pathetic non-scientific losers… to be nice about it… *sweet smile*

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