A Theists View of ID-Creationism

You may have noticed that I’m an atheist, by any understanding I have of the term, but that I frequently link to Rev Sam Norton over at his Elizaphanian blog.

I’ve frequently posted on the abomination that is “Intelligent Design Creationism” IDC and variations on that theme, most recently here and here, but just see IDC or Creationism here, here, here, here, here, and so on.

Sam posts an interesting piece “God is not a Pixel” warning that theistic descriptions of scientific causality, are themselves a blasphemy and mis-appropriation of theistic religious language and belief, and he has no time for IDC. His metaphor (somewhat reductionist from a scientific perspective) is god in the whole picture, not just, or as well as, in the the individual pixels. You can see my thinking out loud from the scientific perspective in the comment thread, but there is much parallel with a holistic view of the wonder that is “nature”. Worth a read for any logical positive scientist who finds IDC utter rubbish believed only by evil idiots with more power than sense, and in doing so tends to tar all theists with the same brush.

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