Evolved Teleology

A piece tweeted today by @alomshaha linked from Cambridge University Research pages.

First time “cog wheel” mechanisms (observed in many natural invertebrate contexts) have been shown to be functional as such – the point being the “designed-looking” arrangement – from our human perspective – is naturally evolved …. er, obviously.

More interesting are the below-the-line comments – the usual trolling of the scientistic and the intelligent designers calling each other stupid. ie stupid-squared. Responses even include the ubiquitous flagella-motor example:

Whilst everyone is playing the usual ’tis / ’tisn’t “binary bollox” game with teleology as intelligent design, the most rational reality remains blissfully ignored. That the teleology of intelligent design is naturally evolved. Calling it god or science is a human choice, an anthropic perspective if ever there was one.

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