Getting a Book Published

Georganna, over at Writer’s Edge has prepared an e-Book “How to be a Succesful Writer“, the focus of which is how to get your writing succesfully published.

Only one chapter is about the writing itself, the majority is about the “business of writing”. Knowing how the business works is a part of that, but Georganna reminds us that deciding on your criteria for success is a key part of the process.

As a blogger, you may be happy that your words can see the light of day anyway, but are you really satisfied with that ? Do you aspire to see your book-length words in print ? Do you aspire to making a dent with your work, or a commercial success for your pains ? Don’t give up the day-job just yet, it’s a hit and miss business, but Georganna has collected some useful hints on how far down that road you can get, what publishers and agents actually do, how to deal with them, and a great collection of references (hyperlinks) to other sources of information and ideas. Oh and some great fun illustrations courtesy of WriteSideOut. What can I add ? If you’re going publishing, bring some of that humour with you.

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