5 thoughts on “Low Ranking Nerd”

  1. I took a lenghty nerd test a week ago and scored 95 % . It had this huge list of quetions .. somewhere around 500 .. try it sometime.. subscribe to my blog if you are interested.. Tell me how i can subscribe to yours.

  2. he he he, good quiz – I got 38 ‘Nerd wannabe’. Guess I should polish my knowledge of the periodic table

  3. Penguin, I’ll take a look at yours, though it was meant to be a little fun. 500 questions sounds like the Spanish Inquisition 😉

    Subscription ? – good question – I have RSS capability, but I’ve not checked if it’s configured correctly, and I believe I also have e-mail notification capabilities. (It seems I’m less of a techno-nerd than yourself and Ton.)

  4. Subscription updates.

    The RSS feed is now correctly configured.
    (Last 10 posts in full, RSS2) See foot of side-bar.

    There is no e-mail service.

    WordPress pings XMP-RPC to “Pingomatic” which should register if you subscribe to Technorati or Blogrolling (and a few others.)

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