Peak-Oil Summary

Sam has a great link to a short video summary of Jeremy Leggett’s story on the looming oil crisis. A good powerful documentary. Notice that the difference between the late (optimistic) and early (pessimistic) toppers may be 2:1 in terms of effective reserves, but the net result isn’t a lot different – given the lead time needed for viable alternatives.

“It’s gonna happen on our watch”

(Full detailed article here.) (Direct link to the ABC Video and transcript here.)

PS – Playing down the need to panic is a fair point, given the global market economies and unstable politics involved, but ignoring the need to plan the transition and invest in the alternatives, and to condition public opinion to the changes needed, is hardly good planning.

Also, love the optimist’s suggestion that the doom-mongering pessimists are the ones with vested interests in this situation. Breathtaking. Don’t you just love rhetoric.

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