China PBMR Nuclear Background

Here are a couple of older background articles about the story blogged earlier.

The Chinergy CEO Frank Wu, interviewed in Wired. [via Net127]
A speech by a South African Government Minister.

Quote from the Chinergy article “Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom – China’s nuclear renaissance could feed the hydrogen revolution, enabling the country to leapfrog the fossil-fueled West into a new age of clean energy. Why worry about foreign fuel supplies when you can have safe nukes rolling off your own assembly lines? Why invoke costly international antipollution protocols when you can have motor vehicles that spout only water vapor from their tail pipes? Why debate least-bad alternatives when you have the political and economic muscle to engineer the dream?”

And just to remind us where China are on the nuclear map, remember they are also hosting the next international “tokomak” fusion research reactor too.

Expanding yes, moving forward too.

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