Instead of “showing consternation” …

… perhaps Israel and the “west” could ask themselves why a party of violence is popular with its citizens ?

“No negotiation with terrorists until they denounce violence ?” Yeah, right, we understand the PR rhetoric, but one hopes realistic questions are being asked by skilled diplomats and negotiators.

3 thoughts on “Instead of “showing consternation” …”

  1. I suspect violence is popular because most people are lazy. It’s easier to smash and grab than work and buy. It’s easier to shoot and shut up than to sit down at a table to negotiate peace. Or maybe the participants of violence just aren’t very bright?

  2. Maybe, but are you really suggesting Georganna, that the majority or Palestinians are lazy or not very bright (or both) when it comes to their own futures ?

    (Interesting also that the defeated non-violent Fatah party, is not above using force to avoid relinquishing the democratic power it has lost.)

    I’m not saying whose actions and motives are right, just hoping people are taking seriously what their concerns really are, the ones that make them so angry. My real point was that it was the “non-violent” who were publicly refusing to negotiate.

  3. my comments were intended as a response to your question on ” why a party of violence is popular with its citizens ?” [must remember to quote in replies!] and applicable to people in general. Yes, I have a jaded, cynical view of human nature.

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