Beautiful China

Some stunning photos by Feng Jiang. [Also via Matt]

I’ve not found time to do much sightseeing in my business visits, but I recall on one flight over mile after mile of this terraced mountainside, mentally calculating the billions of man-years that must have gone into creating that hand-crafted landscape fitting so perfectly with the stunning natural landscape.

Jiang doesn’t give any locations to caption his pictures, (not even on his powerpoint version) ? That mountains and lakes boat trip looks like one of the advertised tourist locations.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful China”

  1. don’t forget the woman-years it took to create those beautiful terraces. it seems like every photo I’ve ever seen has many more female workers doing the back-breaking work. aren’t the men all off playing war or something?

  2. Ha ha,

    Man years is man “the social animal” years … in my book ….

    but you’re probably right …

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