Levels of Ethical, Social, and Cognitive Competencies

Another holding post – simply to capture this Buddhistic David Chapman piece on Robert Kegan and Lawrence Kohlberg’s models of developing (evolving) intellectual competencies. (Hat tip to @MimeticValue for the link.)

They look very much related to sorting out the missing aspects of Pirsig’s Social-Intellectual levels as I’ve tried to do here. (Three aspects within what Pirsig characterised as only two, and left many confused.) Foucault-Pirsig related versions here. And more generic triads here. And of course Trivium 21c.

And “fluid” identity of subjects and objects at the most enlightened level, reminds me of this – my take on Rayner.

Love the dismissal of Trolleyology – they were of course only ever thought experiments to show how ridiculous objective treatment of ethics can get.

Transposing view – Objects > Relations > Systematically-Meta and of course that Eastern (Buddhist) perspective of Western blind-spots. Excellent.

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