One post in a week ?

Perhaps I should explain, why I’ve hardly posted recently.

I’ve barely had time to read anything except news stories for about two weeks. I’ve been active off-line and face-to-face in Cambridge with a group of people keen to make some real-world progress taking a discussion forum onto a new level, corresponding, preparing for, participating and documenting ideas coming out of that. Several entirely sleepless nights, but too soon to go public.

And I had a long weekend away – celebrating our birthday (Sylvia and I are consecutive days) the big “Five 0” in my case.

Oh, and we’ve been making preparations for a possible major domestic move, which I can’t say much more about yet.

Clear as mud, no ?

The change at Enlightened Caveman, morphing into Enlightened Living, from Chris Wilson’s personal blog to a new group blog, is somewhat clearer after a recent hiatus.

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