Kiss And Make Up ?

What does the BBC have to do to make its peace with the Chinese authorities ? Damn frustrating that I can’t link to the beeb from China (here in Shanghai) – I use the beeb for so many links to other sources, as well as their own content.

Given how open so much of China now seems, why is it the authorities still seem bent on tight control of “news” and media. You can understand their nervousness at western “excesses” and their desire to “manage” free-use of information with such a pace of change from a relatively primitive base, but it’s still hard to see, apart from cultural heritage, why the felt need to censor “bad news” from the state perspective. Here’s hoping it’s just a matter of pace and time.

Another consequence – Blogger Blogs, hosted on BlogSpot don’t make it into China either – thanks to the Google censorship connection no doubt.

4 thoughts on “Kiss And Make Up ?”

  1. Hey – how long you in Shanghai for? Am going to be over there at the end of the month for a few days before heading over to Changsha for a project meeting.
    Cheers, C

  2. can you recommend anywhere to stay in shanghai Ian? my boss and i are having difficulties booking online at the moment but we did consider the holiday inn – shanghai downtown (cheap and cheerful?)… do you know it? or of anywhere else?
    Cheers, C

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