Intelligent Flow by Alan Rayner

Intelligent Flow

We remain Caught
In a Web of Thought,
Dislocated from our natural senses,
Which argues the Toss
Between Prophet & Loss
As to whether
Life is Created by Intelligent Designation,
Abstracted from randomly generated particular
According to which best fits
Some pre-conceived niche

Stuff & Non-sense I say!
At this dawn of today

Nature’s made of Flow
Don’t you know
Not building blocks
Assembled by some hidden hand
According to some Master Plan

Yes, even building-blocks are made of Flow
And Flow is made
From space and energetic Flux
In receptive-responsive relationship
Also known as Love
Our only true Source of natural, evolutionary Creativity


Alan Rayner

Tweeted this morning by Alan Rayner following a twitter exchange on “fluidarity” yesterday. All roads lead inevitably to love(*). The metaphysical language of receptive-responsive-flux at the heart of Alan’s Natural Inclusion worldview remains hard to fit into accepted norms of rational discourse – arguing the toss between prophet and loss –  but is seen to be entirely natural in his poetry.

(*) What’s so funny ’bout … ?

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