Nearly there

Just another personal update I’m afraid. Been buried in issues around work relocation to the USA for several weeks, but now it’s looking set.

UK house let. Boys’ UK university accomodation sorted. Visas obtained for Sylvia and I. Flights booked. US apartment booked. Start date confirmed. We’re off next week.

I should be offline between next Thursday (4th) (in UK) and the following Monday (8th) in Huntsville, AL.

Just one blog news item … Friends of Wisdom – I see this initiative has got as far as an article for publication in UK national press. Here’s hoping.

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  1. “Friends of Wisdom” I read their treatise.
    Nice words, nothing too new, have a problem with the global warming thing, and as you pointed out about “the edge”, wouldn’t want to hear from someone who is “not famous”.
    Hope sylvia likes alabama.

  2. I signed up to comment on the MOQ website. I haven’t received a response, as yet. I’m not quite sure about how the format works and don’t feel qualified to comment yet, but want to be at the ready. they don’t seem like a terribly daunting bunch but I think I need to reread Zen, etc again… this time in a book on my couch, not with my neck extended on the computer.

    I am loving the “Illusion of Conscious Will”. It confirms things I have always felt about how we delude ourselves and others.

    I hope Alabama is well and that you are too.

  3. I had some time this evening so I went up and reread your presentation to the MOQ conference. I feel that I understand much better what you were presenting and also feel your writing is excellent.

    I also have subscribed to the MOQ website, but canna figure out how to post. Oh well, that’s OK, because I really don’t have anything to say, but I got interested in learning more about Lila, so I did a search and came upon this article.

    and subsequently this website, which I consider excellent.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Alice.

    I think I’ve seen Philosophos via the “Philosophy Pathways” connection before, but I don’t believe I’ve seen that article.

    I’ll have to read it.
    (I’m currently reading Arundhati Roy’s “God of Small Things”.)

  5. Alice–you know it amazes me that I can never find articles about Pirsig, and everyone else seems more capable of doing it. Thanks for the link. I started reading it and it looks interesting. I think I might write something about it in my blogspace.

    (And good luck with discussion. I saw your first post. Don’t worry about being timid or meek. Just find your voice and apply your strength. And be careful about asking questions to “learn more about LILA”. If you ask really broad ones, any answers you’re likely to get are, and will be, disputed. Ask more focused ones and you might get something more helpful. Just some unsolicited advice.)

    And Ian–welcome to America, land of the free and politically dangerous. I should apologize for the state of Alabama on behalf of all educated liberals. Good luck.

  6. Oh my god, someone is actually reading what I wrote besides the person i was actually writing to…the wonder of the internet.
    Thanks, matt, I’m getting a bit more bold with these philosophers. They were a bit daunting at first. the thing is to have a point of view.

    The philosophos site looks great. It offers a lot of opportunities for interaction. One of the things I took away is that to be a real philosopher you need to put your thoughts to writing. And with that in mind I will be checking out your blogspace.

    And Ian I second Matt’s welcome. I don’t know much about alabama besides the fact that it becoming industrialized, which is great because most of the rest of the country is shipping production offshore.
    And if you and your wife ever want to see the best of the “west” let me know because my engineer husband and I live just a few miles from Yosemite national park and you would both be welcomed at our home.

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