Cognitive Edge

I see (via Anecdote) that Dave Snowden’s “Cynefin” is now “Cognitive Edge” to continue the Cynefin work originating at IBM, but avoiding a trademark issue.

Interesting I mentioned Dave in correspondence earlier this week concerning Dr Robert Harris of Paradigm Research International, and in that correspondence Robert mentioned “SNA” (Social Networks Architecture) as a “hot topic” in anti-terrorist security circles. The original reason to connect Dave and Robert was Robert Pirsig’s ZMM, quoted by both of them. In fact looking at Dave’s reading list I see Emergent Information Technologies and Enabling Policies for Counter-Terrorism, Robert L. Popp (Editor), John Yen (Editor). Small loopy world.

Also, Steve Johnson’s “Emergence”, P Cilliers “Complexity and Post-Modernism” and K Pearson’s “Viroid Life : Perspectives on Nietzsche and the transhuman condition.” Interesting list.

before I go must also point out the “blog meme” post at Anecdote.

“I hate paper and would never recommend my organisation use it because so many people just write absolute drivel using paper.” Sounds ridiculous?

Good stuff from the Aussie’s at Anecdote as usual.
From it’s Welsh “Cynefin” origins, Cognitive Edge is Singapore-based.

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