You Tube Phenomenon

It’s fascinating what video clips you can find on-line, somehow much more interesting than the music download thing. Rivets keeps linking to eclectic, downright bizarre and genuinely interesting examples. A great collection of piano players here at White Man Stew.

And whilst we’re linking from Rivets …

Da Vinci turning in his grave ? One of Leonardo’s more far-sighted inventions, from the Nonist.

Will Get Fooled Again, and again, and again … ? Charles Pierce of the Boston Globe, writing in The American Prospect

De Bono’s new Religion of Humour ?

Zen Stories – Long before there was television, movies, radio, and even books, storytelling was as important to prehistoric cave-dwellers eating antelope around a fire as it is to corporate executives doing lunch. Apart from “caveman” phrasing spookily close to my essay on the effect of technology on society – this is Douglas Adams – interactive story-telling, not just the power of narrative, which TV can do well too.

And Rivets Hmmmm link on 4th June. Funny, but you didn’t get the link from me, OK 😉 Not to mention the Essence of Rabbit, and many, many more … Rivets is more fun than an evening in front of the telly.

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