2 thoughts on “Hire Vint Cerf & then redesign TCP/IP ?”

  1. Hi Ian and Georganna,

    In an email, georganna, mentioned the infinite recursion which is expressed in the art of Escher. It got me thinking about an experience I had when I was young and doing a lot of experimenting with drugs.

    I used to “huff”(the current word) contact cement (which could explain a lot about my personality). When the chemical hit my brain I would go into a sort of trance where I would experience a dream which entailed dot like creatures ascending to what i was thinking was heaven (my catholic upbringing probably playing a role). They never got there, but just kept ascending.

    I am wondering if that chemical (probably toluene) excites a part of the brain which likes the idea of recursion. I am wondering if you know about any studies, etc. or if this makes any sense to you.

    Be kind, Alice

  2. Escher and infinite recursion is an established thread here – Godel Esher Bach is the origin of my Hofstadterian “loopy world” view …

    Solvent abuse, and dream interpretations, are not something I’m sure I can help you with Alice.

    Practically, I don’t know the brain-physiology mechanisms triggered by solvents … maybe mainly anaesthetic ? But I expect Austin’s book has a chapter on it.

    If I was interested in understanding the psychological effects, I’d probably start with Sue Blackmore … in the side-bar

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