2 thoughts on “Culture of Fear – Who Benefits ?”

  1. oh my goodness they were chatting about this on moq discuss many moons ago. Drury is a nut case (imho) and I still haven’t read Strauss, but I will and I’m sure I will find that he is as dreary as any philosopher I’ve read so far, but anything but incendiary….and certainly not a Nazi, primarily because he’s a jew.

    All of these conspiracy theories are just people with way too much time on their hands… people with a bob woodward complex.

  2. ooops again. Lest you think I am inferring that bob woodward is a conspiracy theorist, I am not. It’s that I think everyone who writes about politics would give their left nut (ovary, in Drury’s case) to come upon a watergate as woodward did.

    and so in the absence of any real conspiracy. it gets manufactured. I wonder if there is such a thing as a conspiracy bias?

    I just watched United 93, having read and heard the NORAD tapes which you linked. Now there was a real conspiracy and no one recognized it until it was way too late.

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